Pages are the explorers of their suit, the askers of awkward questions and the tarot messengers. The Page of Cups is the explorer of emotions. He asks you to delve down deep and fish out your true feelings. If you can humor him and hold up your emotions to the light, you might find that many of them are based on fear and untruth. The Page of Cups is a young man standing on a platform with a swelling ocean behind him. It is quite possible, like many of the Rider-Waite cards, he is actually on a stage performing for us, showing us with a story or a metaphor how he can help us. The Page is dressed in a blue flower-embroidered tunic. His shirt and leggings are pink, suggesting that he could be a girl or a boy. His large blue hat has a flowing scarf attached to it.

Two of Cups

It’s often through the relationships in your life — friendships, family, work alliances, love partnerships — that you learn the most about yourself. One-on-one relationships with others can bring you joy, support, belonging Whether it’s a temporary spat or a major breakup, feelings of confusion, separation, loneliness, or frustration can take over, and close you off to the good things in your life.

But they don’t have to! You have the power to change your situation. There are some very important Tarot cards that may show up when you need to reconcile a relationship with someone in your life.

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The Three of Pentacles is a very symbolic card representing a coming together or a union that is both beneficial and necessary. At this time you are bound to others and their fate is tied in with yours. It is important to be willing to work together, combine your resources, and work with others to complete a job if you want it to be done right.

Three has always been a magic number of sorts. Like the Holy Trinity it is often a spiritual representation of forces that are similar yet different coming together and working as a completed whole. If you take one aspect away from the whole then the task at hand will be done poorly and will lack the purpose that was intended. It can indicate needing to compromise or needing to plan. Do not allow petty details to pull your off track and avoid anyone, including yourself, of stealing the spotlight.

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See the gallery. Rick is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, California. While he’s successful in his career, his life feels empty. Haunted by the death of one brother and the dire circumstances of the other, he finds temporary solace in the Hollywood excess that defines his existence. Women provide a distraction to the daily pain he must endure, and every encounter that comes his way brings him closer to finding his place in the world.

The film is divided into eight chapters each named after a tarot card, except for the final chapter Freedom , plus a prologue, each loosely based around the central character’s relationship with somebody in his life..

Antique Cups

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UK – Woman has face put on coffee cups to help her find her soulmate. she’s had her online dating profile immortalised on 1, coffee cups and Those interested in meeting Lynne can visit her dedicated page on.

Learn how to apply timing to your tarot readings using the traditional method that uses the tarot suits and numerology to the more complex astrological associations refined by the Golden Dawn. Follow seven colour coded tables and a colourful card wheel image that presents the information clearly including discussion around them that explain points you may be unfamiliar with. Finally, for simplicity, and ease of access, I have combined all the information into one table allowing you to look up any of the cards in your tarot spread for an idea of timing those events.

As twelve of the 22 major arcana cards are associated with zodiac signs, their relatively fixed date positions help us with exacting time periods. It becomes a little trickier when we are left with the seven planets of ancient astrology and the primordial elements to help us time events in tarot readings, but as you will see, there is a way to derive timing from the Planetary Trumps.

Begin your journey into tarot timing with Traditional Timing and progress to the next table down the list, and so on, until you reach the final table, named after this post: Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology. It can touch on the zodiac signs for timing associated with the relevant major arcana cards. However, it mostly uses the aces, suits and numerology for timing events, with an addition of thematic timing — using the nature and characteristics of each card in a prominent or outcome position.

These are the traditional tarot timing correspondences I used when I began reading tarot. I moved to the Golden Dawn astrology and decan system but still refer to this system from time to time. It is a good place to begin and easy to remember. Traditionally, the tarot suits represent the seasons and depending on which system you follow, you may see differences in their associations. I follow the method of the Ace bringing in the suit and these are the correspondences I have shown in the table above.

Best Tarot Cards for Reconciliation

At present his emotions are sensitive and vulnerable. In time, his life experiences will expose him to the not so sensitive side of life. His feelings will be pulled this way and that, and at times torn apart. In the meantime, let us enjoy his innocent and pleasing nature as he lives in his world of heightened imagination and dreams. The Page of Cups comes across as kind, gentle and extremely mannerly. Remember, this is just the traditional description and will not be applicable to all you read for.

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Blue comes from a family of psychics and is the only resident of her house to lack this ability. When the people in her house are doing readings, she often attends them, as she makes things loud and gives off extra energy. She is described as being a sort of magnet for the supernatural; the magnifying glass that focuses the sun. Gansey also compared her to “the table at Starbucks everyone wanted”.

Her whole life, she has been told by her family that if she kisses her true love, he will die. Because of this, she has avoided boys and dating for most of her life. No one knew where he went, or if he could help it. Maura met him after she, Calla, and Persephone had done a ritual. Her theory is that they released him somehow from Cabeswater, where she believes he was trapped. In The Raven King she wants to go to college, and see the world. Blue is sarcastic, very opinionated, adventurous, independent, and most of all sensible, despite her best efforts to be otherwise.

She is ambitious with big dreams for her future, which often leads to frustration when she’s faced with the reality that opportunities like college cost money she doesn’t have. Blue loves nature and the environment. She is creative according to the word’s more common meaning: she likes making things with her hands, like her clothes and the decorations in her room.

The Page of Cups b

Ah, the young and idealistic! We venture into the week holding hands with the young Page of Cups. You can get no more idealistic than this Page. For a quick reminder of the Court Cards and their role in the Tarot, this piece explains each of their roles in the Shakespearean drama of the Tarot. Pages, just for a brief reflection, are the youngest of the Tarot.

The Page of Cups can suggest Puppy Love or going on a first date. The Page of Cups as mentioned, often represents those heady first days and weeks in a.

Go to content Go to navigation Go to search Change language. Buy your ticket. Search ok. Previous work Boeotian fibula with plaque. All works. Next work Bowl from Caesarea Palaestinae. Conditions for Use of Images. Go to the artwork description. The Boscoreale treasure was buried by its owner prior to the eruption of Vesuvius in AD It included a remarkable set of tableware reflecting the quality of Roman silverwork in the 1st century AD.

The decoration on these two cups illustrates the fragility and vanity of the human condition: Epicurean maxims engraved in dots and the skeletons of poets and Greek philosophers represent an invitation to enjoy the present. In , excavations at a Roman villa at Boscoreale on the slopes of Vesuvius unearthed a remarkable hoard of silver treasure, including items of tableware, which the owner had stashed in a wine tank prior to the eruption that buried the region of Naples in AD

Page of Cups

Once I was in love with a boy who broke my heart in ways I did not know a heart could be broken. And while I was mourning and wondering if it was actually over, time to move on, kaput, I did what any self-respecting, nearly year-old woman would do. Her name was Sky. She had a shock of platinum blonde hair and arms covered in tattoos. She took one look at the cards and told me three things that would change my life.

First, she said I would soon be saying goodbye to New York, a city I had spent seven years in and considered my forever home.

Dating is an undeniably daunting task, especially when you’re don Something tempted me, may be it was the cover page of the book or it’s from a female.

The primary meaning of the Page of Cups is that it is the card of emotional immaturity. The Page of Cups represents someone who is soft and sensitive. Although they lack maturity, the Page of Cups desires love, care, and affection. The Page of Cups is the first Court card in the Cups suit. As Cups are associated with love, emotions, and feelings, it should come as no surprise that the Page of Cups is often interpreted as representing sensitivity.

If the Page of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, it means that you or someone around you is being, or will become, sensitive. Like with all traits, this can be a positive or negative thing depending on the other cards which appear in the Tarot reading. If your reading looks fine, then your gentleness comes from a good place. If your reading looks negative, then you or the person represented by the Page of Cups could become annoying to others, and you may appear overly sensitive.

Like the other Pages , the Page of Cups can indicate immaturity for the life, area that suit represents. The Page of Cups is all about emotions, love and romance, but they are very childish in their pursuit of those things. When it comes to relationships, they can be quite selfish, moody, and silly.

Tarot Card Meanings: The page of cups

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